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We have several veterinarians who participate with us in a voucher program. These veterinarians are located in Greenwood, Avon and the East and Southeast side of Indianapolis. Upon purchase of a voucher, you will be sent the list and may choose the veterinarian you prefer.

We have grant money and other funds to help cover the costs of your pets surgery.

The details: 

       When:  You schedule the date of the surgery.

     Where:  You select a vet from our list of participating veterinarians.

         Cost:  Dogs are $49, Female Cats are $35, Male Cats are $25, 
                  Important--Check with veterinarian concerning your pet's food and 
                  water restrictions prior to surgery.

                  Why food and water restrictions?
Because he could vomit during surgery and could choke.

                  Also ask about vaccination requirements and possible additional fees
                  e.g. for dogs over 50lbs, pets in heat or pregnant. This certficate
                  covers the cost of the surgery only.

How to sign up?
                  Click on the link immediately
below to register and send payment.
                  You must sign up, prepay and be approved for any financial
                  assistance you need PRIOR to the day of the surgery. 

Snip Voucher Program Sign Up

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